Intelligent Information Access Lab (IIA) explores effective and efficient methods for access, interaction, and analysis of large, distributed, heterogeneous, multimedia and sometimes multilingual information. The IIA Lab conducts cutting-edge research and development in cross-language information access, multimedia retrieval, information filtering, social network analysis, as well as user interaction issues. It also investigates the application of IIA technologies to solve problems related to digital libraries, knowledge management, health informatics, education, and information seeking behavior.


To foster research and development of IIA technologies at the University of North Texas.


  • To develop a core set of IIA principles and technologies
  • To foster interdisciplinary collaboration that develop, enhance and apply IIA principles and technologies
  • To secure external funding for projects related to IIA
  • To offer research opportunities in IIA to graduate and undergraduate students at UNT
  • To establish UNT as an international leader in IIA